Workshops conducted

A workshop on autism was conducted ... in October 2006. This 5-day event was held for parents and professionals. Participants were given a complete overview on autism.

Topics included:

  • Diagnostic characteristics of autism & causes
  • Tuning in to the child with autism
  • Structured teaching
  • Communication-PECS
  • Teaching strategies including ABA principles.
  • The workshop was a success and was attended by over 10 participants


2009 – Workshop on introduction to autism for preschool teachers in Male, Maldives

2010 – Workshop for parents and professionals organized in Mangalore

2011 – Workshop for teachers visiting from Male, Maldives

2011 – Talk given at inaugural function of Parents Association for Children with Special Needs, Tirupati

2012 – Workshop for teachers at Trio World School, Bangalore