About Us

At Sunshine we have incorporated several autism specific methodology. We believe in recognizing the child with autism as an individual with unique needs and as no two individuals are alike, we have blended several philosophies into an eclectic approach. The schools of thought that feature predominantly in our programme, include TEACCH, RDI, SI and the principles of ABA.

In addition to extensive teaching aids for special education, the center is well equipped for sensory integration therapy, with equipment such as trampoline, ball pool, therapy ball etc. We also have a small kitchen with stove and microwave to teach simple cooking activities. Multimedia equipment such as CD player and computer are used to enhance the learning experience. Field visits to supermarkets, restaurants, parks and other public places form an integral part of the curriculum.

Vanitha personally oversees the curriculum design of each student. Each student must have different sets of curriculum and learning is combined with play therapy, demonstration, role-play, feedback, rehearsal and positive feedback. The curriculum is regularly updated and modified with the changing needs of the students and includes aggressive schedules for improving social, gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, sensory needs and of course, communication skills. The parents have regular consultation sessions with the teachers to ensure the same environment is available to the child at home. With early and intensive interventions, many children with autism can learn to communicate and function independently to some degree." For the staff of Sunshine School for Autism, the journey is long, but for the students of Sunshine the journey is not alone.