Sunshine offers services to meet the unique needs of children/adults with autism

1) Early Intervention Programmes – these are carried out on one-to-one basis. The methodology followed is research based and incorporates the best practices in the field. The curriculum we use is adapted from the TEACCH pre-school curriculum, Early Start Denver Model and the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills. We believe in active parent involvement and parents are trained prior to starting sessions.

2) Mother-child Programme – this 2 week programme involves assessing the child for his developmental level and learning style and making a comprehensive individual education programme. The mother is then trained to carry out the programme with teaching tips to suit the child’s individual needs.

3) Comprehensive Assessments – Assessments to determine the child’s functioning levels are available. This includes IQ, educational, developmental and behavioural assessments.

4) Social Skills Group Intervention – Small group programs to help teach social interaction, turn taking and play.

5) Specialized Cognitive Intervention Programmes – A specialty of Sunshine, we offer several intervention models based on the cognitive theories of autism – theory of mind, executive dysfunction and weak central coherence. These intervention progammes are offered in three modes – parent training, one-to-one and as small group sessions.

6) Services for Adolescents & Adults with Autism – we offer assessment and parental guidance for adolescents and adults with autism

7) Workshops & Training Programmes – We offer many training programmes for both parents and professionals. See details on past workshops on workshops page. Mail us for a detailed curriculum and training schedules – [email protected]